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Leading in our New World

After 20 years of working in the Leadership Development space we can honestly say, never before have we seen such change and transformation. When we started our gig no one wanted to talk about love and compassion, autonomy and gratitude. Today that has all changed.

We have always been passionate about staying on the cutting edge of science and personal evolution.  Today is no different.  Our New World Leadership TM program has been once again updated to address the massive changes occurring globally, in our working world.

The significant discontent is evident everywhere.  It forces all of us to stop and reflect.  What do human beings truly need to be engaged, and feel valued.  They want to contribute in a way that is meaningful for them? We have said for over 15 years, “the primary responsibility of a leader is to create an environment where others truly want to take ownership, contribute and lean into their work”.   Today this holds true more than ever before.

But, how do we do this?

To survive and to ultimately thrive in this New World organizations are going to have to make massive shifts in how they create the working environment. Which translates to, how they lead. Understanding how culture is created and what to do differently will be key.  Creating a Purpose Driven, Values Based Culture grounded in autonomy, compassion and love (not given by senior leaders but encouraged and valued by all) will be at the core of our new working world. Leaders will manage the neuro-chemical environment in which their team works.

We are blessed and full of gratitude to be able to continue to do the work we have always done!