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Leading in our New World Part II

To survive and to ultimately thrive in this New World organizations are going to have to make some shifts in how they create the working environment. This will include everything from the actual workspace, encouraging innovation and collaboration, leadership and leadership development to autonomy and how we create safe spaces for people to own their own accountability.

Our definition of Accountability has always been the same, The Ability to Account for Oneself. Gone are the days where leaders will say, it is my job to hold employees accountable. If I am being honest, I never understood this anyway. How can one person hold another person accountable. The statement implies, or else and we know how well that works.

As we face some of our biggest challenges yet, I would like to propose that instead of shrinking and reducing learning opportunities we do the opposite. We need to lean in and support leaders and all contributors in their growth and development. This is what is at the heart of successful change. Creating a space where accountability flourishes because people choose to own their impact, their contribution and their performance. This is what it is to be human… Let’s create a human culture…a human space.. a human friendly everything…. and then just watch performance evolve and grow.