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Carrying a Heavy Load

Funny how so many people thought that Covid would come and go and we would get back to “normal”. As we approach the 3 year mark of this life changing situation many of us are still wondering…what does the new world look like?

As we work with clients it can seem like an overwhelming task to shift our cultures from one of Old Energy, Mechanistic to New Energy – light, flexible and dynamic. I have written many times about the accidental culture. It is time we created intentional cultures with grace, ease and not a lot of fanfare. Culture should not be an initiative but a slow, strategic shift where time is our friend and core behaviours are discussed, and agreed to.

In the Old Energy Culture we talk about behaviours when there is bad or undesired behaviours. In the New Energy Culture behaviours are at the core of everything the company does. Who are we? Who are we working to become and why?

Culture transformation does not need to be a heavy load, big initiative. Why can’t it be a slow, intentional dance over the coming years.

Man carries a stack of heavy rocks.