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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How long is your full leadership program?

A. 12 half-day modules held over 10 months

Q. Why is the program so long?

A. Research is clear that in order to have a transformation (rewire the brain) from old energy management to new energy leadership takes time and practice.

Q. If we are a small organization and don’t have a lot of leaders how do we access your programs?

A. We hold public classes in several cities specifically for this purpose. Many of our clients are smaller organizations and their leaders benefit from joining a class with other leaders from different organizations.

Q. If we wanted to run an internal program for only our leaders is this possible?

A. The majority of our clients have internal leadership programs where we will co-brand and customized as needed. This is a very favorable way to build the accountability culture.

Q. You say that you create transformation and that your programs are life-changing for the leaders, can you describe why you think this is?

A. It is different for every leader but we simply create a save space for leaders to really reflect and consider their leadership approach. Because all leaders have access to a coach, as well, they are able to address their specific needs in a one on one private setting.

Q. If we were unsure about undertaking the full leadership program do you have options that would allow us to experience your process and materials?

A. Yes, we are happy to meet to discuss this and to provide a one or two-day session, however, we always caution organizations as often the one-day workshop does not have the impact they are looking for. However, it does provide a very good way to evaluate our work.

Q. How qualified are your faculty?

A. Our faculty are required to participate in a full year mentorship program with one of our core faculty members. They practice and explore their own leadership development during this time. Our faculty have a wide range of education and experience however they all have one thing in common; a very strong desire to assist organizations and leaders to shift into the new energy environment where accountability, compassion, and performance prevail.