New World Leadership™ Series

Creating Accountability Culture

The New World Leadership™ Series takes the most progressive approach to leadership using current research in neuroplasticity, heart/brain connection, intuition, coaching and positive psychology along with a solid framework in Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. A primary focus is on Creating a Culture of Accountability. Our unique Accountability Model is used throughout the program.

In this 12-month program, participants get a real opportunity to reflect, explore, practice and evolve in their people’s leadership skills.  Great Leadership meets at the crossroads of Science and Spirituality.


Check out some recent videos explaining our philosophies.

Watch an interview on CTV Winnipeg with Yvonne Thompson on the launch of her second book, Spiritually Aligned Leadership-Becoming Self Centered.

Yvonne was also interviewed by iKan Media on Leading Self. Check it out here.

Listen to an interview on Your Life Unlimited radio show with Yvonne Thompson and Stephanie Staples on the importance of Self-Leadership.

What Senior Leaders Have Said

“I thought it was you, I just had to come over and say hello and thank you one
more time for the work we did together, it was life-changing. Everything shifted
for me during the program and I can’t thank you enough.”

“The New World Leadership Program was life-changing for me, it sent me a
whole new direction with new purpose and new energy to accomplish
significantly more than I ever thought I could”.

“ I was blown away by Yvonne’s presentation- she was a breath of fresh air and the
highlight of the whole conference. I loved the way she was able to take concepts and recent
findings in New World science and other fields and make them accessible and applicable. I
have been able to use this information in my daily life at work and at home. I would highly
recommend her work.”

“I love Yvonne’s work, passion, energy, and philosophy. I would recommend her programs
with no hesitation. It has been fundamental to my personal and professional growth and
a shift in happiness. I learned key tools from Yvonne that I continue to use for myself and my

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