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Coherence between the  Heart and Brain is critical to optimal performance, brain function, happiness and resiliency. In recent years the collaboration between  multi-disciplinary professions such as Neuroscience, Psychology and, Epigenetic has produced incredible new research and available information on how the heart communicates with the brain and how heart coherence makes for better decision making.

Our faculty has been trained by the HeartMath® Institute and has been facilitating this amazing material for over 8 years.  We were one of the first organizations to certify and bring this very important information, tools and techniques to our clients. In this program your leaders, managers and employees  will learn the science of the heart and brain that is uniquely connected to optimal brain function, energy management, and emotional regulation along with a variety of tools and techniques to hit the reset button when stress or incoherence has occurred.

We offer this program in a variety of methods, including traditional classroom setting for intake teams or internally for organizations and Virtual (Real Time) Blended Learning. Regardless of the way you like to learn or the needs for your organization this program creates amazing results.

Learn the simple tools and techniques to manage your emotional state, create a coherent heart-rate and hit the reset button when under stress. This two part session will provide valuable information and resources. Please see the attached PDF for more information.

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Virtual Blended Learning – Next session Tuesday October 26, 2021

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