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Transformation starts with more meaningful human connections.

Through self-aware, accountable leadership, we’ll help you build a compassionate, more productive culture.

We help leaders to connect meaningfully with their teams, and build supporting, empowering environments. Through a combination of neuroscience, data and performance psychology, our programs are designed to transform first the individual, and then your business culture – for happy, motivated teams, and better-than-ever performance.

By building stronger human connections, your business can transform, grow and thrive from within.

Create accountable, emotionally intelligent leaders, who can build an empowering culture where individuals
will flourish.

Shape a more positive employee experience, in a safe, supportive environment where they feel valued.

Achieve greater productivity and fewer days lost to illness and mental health issues, via happier, more engaged individuals.

Communicate more positively and enhance your team’s collaboration.

Encourage engagement, motivation and loyalty, and attract the best people to work with you.

Become more adaptable and resilient in the face of challenges.

The new ever-changing work landscape calls for more emotionally intelligent leadership.

A revolution in flexible working, a new generation entering the workplace – and a welcome focus on mental health and wellbeing – has shaken up the way organisations operate.

Traditional leadership models are proving too rigid; leaders now need to be able to adapt their style to different situations, and to multiple ways of working. By putting the human front and centre, we show that rather than convincing people to follow, you can foster a compassionate environment where improved cognition and emotional management drive optimal business performance.

Explore our range of leadership programs,
with unlimited ongoing support.

Our curated range of programs work on neural pathways to transform attitudes and behaviours. From a single half-day to a year-long program of monthly sessions, each solution offers practical, hands-on learning, with real applied practices you can use right away.

Choose online or in-person at a location of your choice – and enjoy unlimited access to coaching and support both during and after your program.


Create a purpose-driven, resilient culture fuelled by emotional intelligence, with our internationally acclaimed flagship program.


Transform your organisation’s communication style, and build a culture built on trust, transparency and open dialogue.


Transform your culture into one that’s grounded in purpose and meaning.


Leverage accountability to increase happiness and wellbeing.


Hit the reset button when stress occurs, and make better decisions.


Learn when, why and how to use emotions effectively in leadership.


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