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Join our Faculty

We’re looking for certified coaches who are here for the journey.

An opportunity to build on your client basewith our world-class leadership programs.

Create accountable, emotionally intelligent leaders, who can build an empowering culture where individuals will flourish.

We develop with our clients, and are always open to new ways of thinking. And as our platform grows, we’re excited to share our work with even more people – so are seeking exceptional certified coaches to join us.

Join us as Faculty anywhere in the world, and be part of a community of like-minded coaches, with opportunities for self-development, certifications in leadership assessment, and the flexibility to continue with the business you’ve worked hard to build.

We’ll provide you with everything you need to increase your leadership development knowledge, and expand your group coaching expertise – all with ready-made world-class programs.

We’re looking for people who are on a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery.

You’ll be a self-employed certified coach with a background in adult education or organised development, and a client list who would benefit from our progressive leadership programs.

Located in Canada, the UK, Europe or the USA, you’ll have a desire to expand your work and opportunities – and have a spiritual yet grounded, immensely curious nature. You’re the kind of person who approaches every challenge as an opportunity for growth, and who also realises that you never stop learning. In short, you enjoy the journey, with no expectation of the destination.

This is your chance to truly transform lives.

When you join us, we’ll provide an 18 month mentorship program that prepares you to facilitate, coach and create a transformational experience like no other. You’ll also receive accreditation in three psychometric assessments, one-on-one coaching, full access to our marketing materials and support in admin, sales and in closing those more challenging opportunities. You’ll also receive a Licensing Agreement that includes a generous fee for service.


A master’s degree in Leadership or Psychology plus extensive experience in Organisational Human Behaviour

Shape a more positive employee experience, in a safe, supportive environment where they feel valued.

Shape a more positive employee experience, in a safe, supportive environment where they feel valued.

You are an ICF coach

Ideally you’re certified in one or all of the following: TTI Insights Success (DISC), Emotional Intelligence, HeartMath™, The Resilience Advantage™, Driving Forces of Behaviour™.