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Purpose Driven…Values Based Organizational Culture

Many organizations have been forced to reflect on their organizational culture, purpose and values as they navigate through these very difficult times.  While some are saying, “when things get back to normal” …others are saying, “how can we prepare for a future that is completely unknown and what are the opportunities that lie ahead”.  In […]

Transforming Culture …Transforming Results

Transformation is the only thing that keeps us moving forward, evolving and growing personally and professionally. Corporate stagnation is the route to slowed growth and in the worst cases complete irrelevancy. Progressive organizations are always exploring, seeking new opportunities and have a deep understanding of the importance of innovation and transformation. If you look at […]

Cave Exploration – The Keys to Authentic Leadership

When we think of leaders who inspire us, how often do we focus on their strengths, and what they are doing right? Do we stop to see the places where they shifted, learned, and grew from a failure? How important is it to understand our shortcomings? Good leaders know themselves, their strengths, and weaknesses. While […]

Why is Leadership Development So Hard?

Everything we have ever known about leadership and management is being challenged. Our hard-wired beliefs about how to improve performance and create engagement is being pushed to the limits every day of every week. Leadership Development is a completely new game if you want to have a sustainable transformational impact that is felt at every […]

The Power and Vulnerability of Leading Self

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.” Brené Brown When we think of leadership, and leadership development, how often do we think about power and strength, rather than vulnerability? Power and strength are seen as assets and vulnerability […]

A Difficult Leadership Assignment

The New World Leadership TM series is known for its transformational process where long term sustainable change occurs.  Leaders often state, it was life changing and yet difficult to describe why? Slowly but certainly the New Energy Organization emerges.   After 12 months of working with leaders we ask them to do one final assignment. […]

Accountability and Culture… What’s Really Going On?

  When we take the time to ask ourselves the really hard questions while digging deep for answers we often find truths that we never considered. Many of the results we get in our corporate cultures are unintentional. Meaning that we never set out to create environments where people feel disempowered, with minimal control and […]

Debunking the Millennial Question – October 2018

I believe that when you work in the field of Leadership you take on a special fiduciary role where openness and exploration with clients is critical. I am always careful not to declare absolutes or ever believe that I have the answers for another person. The questions are more important then the answers. Answers appear […]