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Creating the Accountability Culture

The New World Leadership™ Series takes the most progressive approach to leadership using current research in neuroplasticity, heart/brain connection, intuition, coaching and positive psychology along with a solid framework in Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence. A primary focus is on Creating a Culture of Accountability. Our unique Accountability Model is used throughout the program. this 12-modular program, participants get a real opportunity to reflect, explore, practice and evolve in their people leadership skills. Great Leadership meets at the crossroads of Science and Personal Evolution.

Modules include:

  • What Predicts Success
  • Building Self-Awareness
  • Brain Science, Happiness and Performance
  • The Resilience Advantage™ & HeartMath™
  • The Accountability Model and the Human Behaviour Connection
  • The Driving Forces of Behaviour
  • Creating a Trusting Environment
  • Emotional Intelligence and the Compassionate Culture
  • Coaching as a Leader – Creating the Right Energy for Personal Choice
  • Communication and Team Dynamics
  • The Agile Mind
  • Personal Leadership Development Plan – The Report Back

Program fees include the following:

  • Textbooks
  • Full access to our LMS
  • Psychometric personality assessment- The Two Sciences
  • EQi-2.0 Inventory and full one-on-one debrief
  • 12 half-day modules of learning
  • One-on-one coaching for every leader
  • Reflection Journals
  • Experiential Exercises
  • A personalized approach that meets the needs of each leaders
  • Once-a-month Tele-class upon graduation
  • 2 Action Learning Days as agreed to with the client
  • Laminated Learning Aids- Accountability Model and the Four Levels of Consciousness

At the centre of this program is our unique Accountability Model that provides leaders with tools, techniques and daily practices where a culture of compassion aligned with true accountability can emerge.  This program is run using our Virtual Blended Learning Format, which includes full access to our on-line portal, learner’s materials, case studies and group discussions.

A leader’s primary responsibility is to create a culture where each and every contributor wants to and does, take full responsibility for the outcomes they get. We Lead People to Choice.

We create a learning community that lasts a lifetime!  Once you are a client of ours, your leaders become part of our community with access to our TeleClasses, coaching, video blogs and ongoing refresher programs.  We are there long after the program concludes.

Globally Recognized, Internationally Acclaimed New World Leadership ™ Program. Transforming Lives…Transforming Results.

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