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New World Leadership™

Becoming New World Leadership™ Certified


Change Innovators Inc. has grown significantly over the past 5 years and with the demand comes new opportunities. Our work in the USA, Europe and Britain continues to grow and this requires that we find like-minded and passionate leadership professionals who want to Transform Results.. and Lives


Sunrise in a valley

If you are a certified coach with a background in adult education or organizational development you might just be the right fit. If you are a person who is on a life long journey of exploration and discovery about yourself and the world around you, you might just be the right fit.

If you consider yourself to be spiritual, grounded and immensely curious with an attitude of every challenge is an opportunity for growth and the older I get the more I realize how little I know, then you might be a great fit.

If you love the journey with no expectation of the destination then, we want to talk to you.


We are looking for self-employed entrepreneurs who want to share our work with the world. If you are located in Canada, Britain, Europe, or the USA and have a client base that would benefit from our progressive leadership programming and you have a desire to expand your work and revenues then consider the criteria below and send us an email.

You should have a combination of:

  • Master’s degree in Leadership or psychology and/ or have extensive experience in Organizational Human Behaviour
  • You are an ICF coach
  • You presently have your own registered business in your country of operation
  • You have a small client base who love your approach, values and incredible commitment to service
  • If you are certified in one or all of the following it would be great; TTI Insights Success (DISC), Emotional Intelligence, HeartMathTM, The Resilience AdvantageTM, Driving Forces of Behaviour TM


We provide a one-year mentorship program that prepares you to facilitate, coach and create a Transformational Experience like no other. We support all initiatives, provide all administration, including all reporting and assist in closing those more challenging opportunities. You receive a Licensing Agreement that includes a very generous fee for service.