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Live event

The Future of Leadership,
Making the Culture Connection

In a world of constant change, one thing remains certain: the future will differ from today’s. We invite you to tap into your curiosity as we discuss “The Future of Leadership: Making the Culture Connection”.

Join us in this engaging panel discussion as we explore the crucial link between people, leadership and the culture they create. Together we’ll explore:

What’s love got to do with it? Explore the profound impact of compassion and love in leadership with Yvonne Thompson, who will shed light on how cultivating a culture of love can transform businesses and drive accountability, ownership and success.

Dive into neuroscience with Dr. Carlos Davidovich as he shares the five-brain concept and its implications for leadership in an ever-evolving world.

Engage in an open Q&A session. A golden opportunity to share your ideas, fire up your questions, and share your unique perspectives. Your ideas have the power to transform the way we lead.

Live Webinar

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ComplImentary Books

To receive complimentary copies of each of the books listed, simply register and attend the entire panel discussion.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the conversation that defines the future of leadership. Lean into your curiosity and join us to gain invaluable insights and together lets shape the culture of tomorrow.

Creating the Accountability Culture: The Science of Life-Changing Leadership by Yvonne

Uncover the science behind creating a culture of accountability and leadership excellence.

Five Brain Leadership by Carlos

Discover the power of the five-brain concept in transforming leadership practices.

Be part of this thought-provoking event as our panellists share their expertise, insights, and experiences.


Carlos Davidovich, M.D.

Carlos Davidovich, M.D., is a performance and executive coach with over twenty years of experience supporting the development of leaders and management teams alike on an international scale.Carlos combines his education in neuroscience and experience in business executive roles to educate on how principles from both areas can be effectively applied in leadership.

Yvonne Thompson MA FCHRP SHRM

Founder and MD of Change Innovators. Yvonne is a master training and leadership consultant with over 30 years of experience. She is an author of 3 books and professional speaker. She has a unique ability to draw out the very best in every leader. She presently resides in the United Kingdom managing Change Innovators’ European and Asian transformations.

Lee Norris MA

With an impressive background as an experienced Executive Coach and Change Leader, Lee brings over 30 years of invaluable expertise in navigating complex sectors such as Civil and Defence Avionics, Financial Services, and Higher Education. Lee specialises in Ontological Coaching and is the Founder of the Oxford Coaching Group

Curiosity beckons you to hear from our panellists and join the conversation

MEET OUR Moderator

Jo Lloyd

Jo brings a wealth of experience and leadership to the table. With over 20 years of working and leading commercial teams, she has honed her expertise and is ready to lend her valuable insights to our event.



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