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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

One of the most important leadership traits is Emotional Intelligence.  Knowing when, why and how to use emotions effectively is a significant lever to leadership success.

  • Recognizing emotions
  • Understanding emotions
  • Managing emotions
  • Using emotions appropriately
Emotional Intelligence In Leadership
Emotional Intelligence In Leadership

Each attendee receives an EQi2.0 Inventory and personalized debrief  with a qualified coach. This occurs before the day of learning.   This program is offered in two half-days of Virtual Blended Learning using our highly evolved LMS system. The session is held in real time with leaders from Canada, USA, Europe and Britain or we are happy to provide a personalized session for your leadership team.

EQ learning is an exploration and action planning session that allows each attendee to explore how they can build a personalized learning journey to enhance their Emotional Intelligence.

Exploring how one sub-scale works in combination with another sub-scale provides an effective window into our happiness and well-being as well.

We use the EQi-2.0 Leadership Inventory, one of the most reputable EQ tools available today, in all of our Leadership Programs.  We work one-on-one with every leader to create a safe and trusting environment for exploration and discovery.

Virtual Blended Learning

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