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Optimism, positivity, resilience, gratitude and generosity are critical skills for well-being.  At the heart of this program are Self-Reliance, Self-Responsibility and Self-Leadership, resulting in increased happiness and well-being.

We explore neuroplasticity and the concepts of heart/brain coherence.  We reflect on the constant noise between our ears and evaluate the benefits and risks of this noise.  We present unique tools that help create a balanced, resilient and, most importantly, positive person who others just want to be around!

This program is offered in our Virtual Blended Learning format as a public offering, or can be brought into your organization specifically to assist your contributors in their overall well-being. Some may choose our Self-Directed learning method.

Who this program is best suited for:

  • Companies wishing to provide a valuable and highly effective wellness initiative
  • Teams looking to increase resiliency
  • Any individual  looking for tools and techniques to assist in creating happiness and balance at home or at work

What participants have said about this program:

  • “This program will challenge your views on personal leadership, parenting and overall well-being right at its core, a life changing experience.”
  • “This was awesome!  Highly recommend it to others.”
  • “I am really happy that I signed up for this course.  I have learned a lot of tools to deal with real life situations.  Thank you!”
  • “I loved the program and gained a lot of knowledge.  I will be able to use in both my personal and work life.”
  • “Very deep and powerful.  A real eye-opener.  Thought provoking.”
  • “I think this course should be mandatory.  I am extremely excited to use the information in my day to day life.  So happy I came, this course will change my life.”

This program has been attended by leaders, parents, individuals at all ages and organizational contributors in Canada, USA, Britain and Europe. Everyone can benefit from this highly evolved yet simple method towards well-being and positive psychology.

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Virtual Blended Learning – Next Public Class Wednesday & Thursday

Sept 15 and Sept 16, 2021

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