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Living a Compelling Purpose

Why are you in business? If you – and your employees – cannot articulate your raison d’être quickly and briefly, you need to rethink your organization’s reason for being.

Organizations today must have what I call a compelling purpose that guides decisions and actions.  Never has this been more important. People of every working age want to contribute to something more significant than a mere paycheque.

It’s not surprising that this trend has emerged in the dawn of the 21st century. Access to vast amounts information shows individuals how much opportunity exists in the world. No longer does anyone have to settle for a job that is boring and just puts food on the table. Today’s younger generation wants balance in all areas of life: physical, mental and spiritual.

Fine, but how do organizations meet this need for their employees?  By having, at their very core, a compelling purpose for being – a purpose that matters beyond the bottom line. Don’t miss understand; bottom line is crucial and making money is essential, inspiring and fun, but the energy people share between each other that focuses on a compelling purpose will translate into high performing teams.


Successful organizations are moving away from the standard vision and mission statement posted on the wall (and let’s face it, no one really believes in them anyway) and creating a work-life that is meaningful, has genuine purpose and resonates with others. A compelling purpose will put life into your recruitment strategies, boost attraction and increase retention of valuable employees.