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Key to Successful Leadership Development

True leadership development takes courage, tenacity and a willingness to step into our goo-I know this is not a very technical term but it’s one that for me truly describes the work that is required to become a successful, balanced and highly impactful leader.  Shift takes time, personal commitment and true honesty. 

Our ability to challenge our views and perceptions of our organization, team contributors and, most importantly, ourselves is so critical. Our present perception is our present reality; this is where it all begins. We must start by challenging our thinking on how we view our working world, our impacts and contributions to it.  Some of our perceptions serve us well and some do not.

 Once we are able to do this courageous work, then it is time to consider and reflect on what is working well and what is not.  Understanding what your impact is as a leader is so critical. So many leadership guru’s will say that Self Awareness is the most critical leadership skill but we believe it is what you do with this knowledge that actually matters.

 Next, it is time to take action and try new things.  This is when it gets really prickly-I know another very technical word but it does describe how many leaders feel when they begin to challenge their thinking and their actions.  One of our favorite statements is, “it is easier to practice a new skill than it is to let go of an old one.”  This is so true. As leaders, we tend to fall back into old habits even when we know that working on new skills is so important. Leadership is a daily practice. The only way to truly let go of an old behaviour is to diligently practice the new desired behaviour.

 Shift begins by making a decision to change our outer behaviour. As we practice, practice, practice we begin to change our inner self. This is where transformation truly takes place.

 Challenge our perceptions

  • Evaluate what serves us and our team/organization
  • Make a clear commitment to practice new skills
  • Be kind to yourself; true shift and change takes time.

 Life Changing Leadership is about making an intentional and deliberate commitment to Lead Self each and every day.  Organic influence can only happen when we lead from the inside out, making us the true priority. Lead Self and the Rest Will Follow!