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Becoming the Observer (The Accountability Model)

In the second video in our Accountability Model series, we discuss the first tool and technique; Becoming the Observer.  As leaders our ability to observe our…
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New Video Series- The Accountability Model

We are very excited to share with our community our Accountability Model and how it is used to enhance Leadership capabilities.  Even more importantly, when the…
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The Reticular Activating System

In this weeks video Michael discusses some of the challenges we face when looking to build healthy relationships, especially those we perceive to be difficult.  What…
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Neuroplasticity- Creating a New Pathway

In this weeks video Michael talks about the importance of consciously creating new neural connections in the brain. He explores the difficulties in intentionally make choices…
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The Pathway to Well-Being

In the first 4 videos in this series we have touched on Perceptions, Attention Regulation, and Judgements  and the possible impacts to our physiology. In this next video we…
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EGO- How it might show up!

In our next video Michael discusses some of the ways in which we have experienced leaders in the workplace and how the EGO plays a role.…
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Attention Regulation and Leadership Development

Where we put our attention is very important when it comes to managing our emotions effectively.  When something happens outside our control, that we do not…
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In this second blog and video Michael shares the importance of recognizing the bi-directional highway  between our heart and our brain. He discusses the important role…
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Our Pot of Soup

Understanding the complexity of human behaviour is at the forefront of leadership development. Our willingness to explore new areas of science relating to positive psychology, heart/brain…
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