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Our Pot of Soup

Understanding the complexity of human behaviour is at the forefront of leadership development. Our willingness to explore new areas of science relating to positive psychology, heart/brain…
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Love and the Compassionate Culture- Kindness Part III

The courage to be kind to ourselves. In this week video we discuss the importance of honouring ourselves, strengths and weaknesses. The courage it takes to…
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Love and The Compassionate Culture- How Kindness Plays a Role Part II

In this next discussion we explore how errors and mistakes at work impact our personal well-being and those we lead. Many companies understand and state that…
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Love and the Compassionate Culture- How does kindness play a role?

In our next discussion we explore the topic of kindness as a tool for leaders when working with those that are struggling.  Our ability to recognize…
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Part 3- Love and Compassion- The Difficult Conversation

Can we transform the difficult conversation into a conversation grounded in Love and Compassion?  The journey of shifting culture to one of compassion and love is…
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Love and Compassion – Strength or Weakness?

What a strange concept when thinking about leaders, culture and corporate performance.  However, if we want to create compassionate corporate culture where top performance can emerge,…
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Cultures Grounded in Love and Compassion

For some this is a very difficult conversation to have in a corporate environment.  In fact, many would say that it does not belong. As we…
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Being True to Who You Are!

Is it difficult to be true to who you are, both personally and corporately sometimes? On occassion it means being judged harshly by others. Difficult questions…
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The Accidental Culture

Culture is a strange thing. We wonder how it builds, develops and manifests amongst our teams.  Most organizations are aware that culture is different from one…
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