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Your Authentic Voice

Searching for your authentic voice can feel like a never-ending journey in a world that constantly whirls with activity. In my conversations with clients, I often…
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Do you contribute love or hate to the world?

Do you contribute love or hate to the world?   This is a question I often pose to my students, and it holds profound significance.  …
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Carrying a Heavy Load

Funny how so many people thought that Covid would come and go and we would get back to “normal”. As we approach the 3 year mark…
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Leading in our NEW WORLD – Ask the Author

Leadership has everything to do with you the leader and nothing to do with you at the same time. Join us for a thought provoking discussion…
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Leading in our New World Part II

To survive and to ultimately thrive in this New World organizations are going to have to make some shifts in how they create the working environment.…
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Leading in our New World

After 20 years of working in the Leadership Development space we can honestly say, never before have we seen such change and transformation. When we started…
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Accountability- Intention

Examining ones true intention is a critical skill for leaders. Rarely do leaders slow down enough to consider what the underlining intention is of a conversation,…
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Accountability Model – Acceptance

Our ability to accept situations and people just as they are is sometimes a difficult concept for corporate leaders. Leaders are often encouraged to challenge everything…
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Accountability Model- Non-Judgment

In this third video on Accountability we discuss the concept of Judgment and why leaders benefit when they begin to question their judgments. They consider how…
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