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There is Magic in the Air- Spirituality and Authenticity

WOW… I continue to be impressed with this young generation.  Last night on the way home from the ballet we decided to stop for a glass of wine at a local resturant.  My husband and I struck up a conversation with a young server who appeared to want to talk.  She had a great smile and was able to make a connection to us easily.

We started to talk about the world, the universe, our connections, and the law of attraction.  She gets it! Hands down, I had just met another young person (20 something) that was truly trying to figure it out. She believed in her power to move the world, herself and to have a significant impact on those around her.  She understood her unique connection to these 2 total strangers who had just stepped up to the bar.

At her young age, she has read Ekhart Tolle, Deepak, Hicks etc.  It was a great conversation.  If our younger generation is already thinking about this stuff, what will they be reading and thinking about when they are 40?