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What Happens when we feel stuck?

We had a fabulous day on Friday at the Fort Whyte Centre facilitating the CPE for Leaders.  WOW what a great group.  I have the best job ever which of course is not a job but a passion!

I know I make it sound simple, to manifest your dreams, and that is not my intention because it takes COURAGE and a whole lot of letting go of FEAR.  In my most challenging times and certainly through big transitions I would sometimes become paralyzed by FEAR; wonderinghow can I do this. When I was really afraid I would ask my son Geoff (many of you have met him) what do I do; I feel so afraid that I will make a mistake or not be able to do it.  He would always answer the same way; with a question of course (remember the question is far more important than the answer).

“Are you following your dreams; are you doing what you know to be true from the inside out; does it feel right?”  I would answer “yes” and he would reply, “then just put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward”.

This question comes up all the time. In fact I received an email from someone today who feels stuck. Someone who describes life as, not enjoying their job, feeling bored and underutilized but paid very well with great benefits.  This person has a young family and responsibilities.  It is never about abandoning your job, career or simply moving on for the sake of moving on.  Remember it is about going inside and seeking the truth for you.  First you must get very curious about what you really want; what your passions are and how you might uncover them.


Remember to Go Slow to Go Fast!   More next week on this topic!