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Coincidence or Devine Order

Firstly I would like to thank so many of you who reached out to send condolences. As well there were so many kind words about how when we practice Spiritually Aligned Leadership the world becomes a much easier place. It unfolds with ease. This blog, newsletter (whatever you chose to call it) is designed to remind each of us that when we practice Spiritually Aligned Leadership we can create an amazing life.

Our world works in glorious synchronicity when we slow down, practice being intentional, deliberate and spiritually aligned.  The week that my dad was hospitalized myself, Geoff and Mike were heading west for some work with a new group of clients. I had originally intended to be in Winnipeg for the HRMAM gala awards but decided at the last minute that I could not turn down the opportunity that presented itself in Victoria. I made the difficult decision to not attend (even though I would have loved to be there) and headed to Victoria with some my colleagues (who also happen to be my sons).

At the same time I had a client in Winnipeg who changed their training dates so I was able to jump an earlier flight thinking that I would spend some time with my husband for a couple of days prior to our Victoria event.

In beautiful order, the morning I arrived (landed a couple of days prior to my sons) in Victoria was the morning my father was hospitalized. There is no family that lived close that would visit him; but here I was at the Victoria airport (he did not know I was coming on this day). I received a call from the homecare people to say that he was at the hospital.  My husband had picked me up at the airport so off we went to see my dad. He has been hospitalized many times so we thought it was just another set back.

It was apparent from the moment we saw him that this was different.  I was able to spend the next 5 days with my dad traveling back and forth from my home on the gulf islands to the hospital. Both Geoff and Mike arrived as planned and were able to see their grandfather. One of my sisters desperately wanted to see my dad. She flew into town and was able to have a day and half with him before he passed away. She held his hand as he took his last breath.

Here I was on the west coast with my entire family (which has never happened). My third son lives in Victoria.  I have wanted to have everyone together for years but it just didn’t work out but here we were all together able to say good-bye to someone who had a significant impact on us all.

My other sisters and one brother who live all over the country (one came all the way from Australia) made immediate plans to fly with their families to Victoria.  But here I was with my entire family right where we needed to be. Some of you would say, “just a coincidence” I would say, “Devine order”.  Intentional practice of Spiritually Aligned Leadership assists us in co-creating the exact world we want.

Creating the life you have always wanted full of passion, joy and abundance is right around the corner. Relief from the day-to-day 3 dimensional dramas is available to all of us. Rewarding careers, fabulous health, spontaneous serendipity, joy and passion for life is possible.

My next book is in final copy edit and we hope to go to print in June with a book release this summer or fall.  Can’t wait! Everyone’s invited!   Creating Positive Energy, Spiritually Aligned Leadership!   This book is all about becoming a spiritually aligned human being; whether you are a parent, teacher, community and/or organizational leader.  It is all about Leading Self, for joy, peace, balance, abundance and wellbeing. Highly effective joyful people who are following their passions and joy in life areSpiritually Aligned.


“Lead Self and the Rest will Follow”