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Fear and Love

There are only two real emotions that exist in this world: Fear and Love. Every other emotion comes from or is connected to one of these two. Even emotions like anger, when explored further, have a connection to fear.

We need to monitor how we feel all of the time and tap into our inner voice, intuition, spiritual alignment, gut feel; whatever you want to call it so that we can understand where these emotions come from. How do we tap into how we feel? We become the observer of ourselves. We make a choice that how we feel matters! It becomes part of who you are.

As you practice tapping into how you feel, you will ask yourself: Why do I feel like this? What is this about? What have I been thinking about that would make me feel like this and do I know for sure that it is true? Asking these questions and then being truly honest with yourself will go a long way to understanding what is going on for you.

Once you can do this you begin to make different choices. You ask yourself, do I want to feel like this? What would be an alternative that would make me feel better. If I change what I am thinking about will I feel better, will I get relief? Fear is one of the most damaging emotions and it cuts us off from our true nature. Guilt is another damaging emotion. Guilt is directly connected to fear; fear of not being liked… fear of people thinking less of you. So you carry on even when it does not feel right. Spiritual Alignment is about connecting to your true nature.

Remember, you take your energy with you everywhere you go so:

  • Monitor how you feel; especially emotions that are based in Fear
  • Never discount your spidey sense, intuition, inner voice, gut feel- it is there to serve you and to help find your true alignment
  • Ask yourself, why and what have I been thinking about
  • Choose a better feeling thought (get relief- because it is about YOU and you deserve to feel great)

Spiritual Alignment and Becoming SELF Centered is critical to well-being, health and the ability to serve.