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The Accidental Culture

Is it possible that we have unintentionally created Corporate Cultures where the Victim Mentality can thriveThe Accidental Culture

The Bounty of Life

As someone who has spent the last 30 years working with corporate leaders globally in understanding the broader spectrum of our world beyond the boundaries of turnover and ROI I was taken by the recent LinkedIn Article, posted by Serious Lynx entitled, “Harvesting Your Personal Network”. https://seriouslynx.com/a-different-kind-of-summer-trip/   Our goal has always been to stretch leaders […]

The Rising Consciousness Level

  We are an evolving species, so what does this mean for business? It is hard to ignore the rising level of consciousness around the world. A focus on things that truly matter, a Z Generation that is vocal, committed and unwavering and a 2020 virus that slowed even the busiest people down. We have […]


What is normal? We hear over and over again, “returning to normal” or “the new normal”. I believe that the questions are always more important than the answers. So, it dawned on me, what is normal?  Who decides what is normal? Is normal a predetermined set of rules or norms imposed by society, business, church, […]