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Keeping it REAL !

Sometimes it is hard to keep it real at work, but it is the only way to build authentic and meaningful relationships with co-workers and bosses.

I am often asked questions about how to address personnel issues:  What should we say? How do I deal with this problem? My answer is always the same: Deal with it directly. Get right at the heart of the issue. Be sensitive to the person. Have a real conversation with everyone involved: Don’t include anyone whom it does not impact directly and don’t leave anyone out whom it does. Share what you believe or feel is going on, and then be quiet. Let the other person (or people) have the floor.

This approach is so simple that most people can’t grasp it, but it’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense: Remove barriers to communication. Eliminate posturing, politics and spin doctors. Get real. The solution to your problem will follow, quite naturally. Sure, there may be raised voices and hurt feelings involved, but that’s just open communication between people engaged in authentic and meaningful relationships.