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Meditation- Quieting the Mind

Meditation and Silence = Self Care. We have been talking about Self Care
on the NEW WORLD LEADERSHIP LinkedIn discussion group. I was glad to see
that many agreed with me about Self-Care.

It is time we become selfish. Most of us spend a significant amount of
time trying to make others happy. Whether we seek to please our employer,
spouse, children, parents (ohhhh the parents). We need to ask WHY we
(ourselves) are always last.

In my coaching practice I often ask clients to take a piece of paper and
divide it into 4 equal sections. At the top of each section write the following
headings: Work/Children & Spouse/Extended Family/ME. Then I ask
them to consider a typical week in their life and consider how much time they
spend working on/in each of these areas. Often clients will say “what do you mean by ME”.
Seems odd that I have to explain it. I usually answer with a
question like, “What do you think I mean?”.

Most clients have trouble thinking of anything they do for
themselves. Some go to the gym a couple of times a week. Some consider
watching TV as ME time. However TV time does not count. When I refer to ME
time I am thinking of things that sooth the soul, enhance the spirit,
bring peace and fulfillment. TV stimulates and activates the mind. Many wonder
why they have trouble sleeping at night but don’t consider the effects of
watching the News for an hour right before bed. Think about it; we fill our
heads with negative news and then try to lie down for a quiet night’s

Meditation is a practice that brings significant positive impact into a person’s
life and only takes minutes per day. Meditation is easy; anyone can do it. The problem that occurs with most
people when they begin mediating is that they expect miraculous results
instantly or they think they should “get it” the first couple of

I have been practicing meditation for over 4 years and am only now starting to
really be good at it. Quieting the mind is a practiced skill but it is soooooo
worth it. I have benefited immensely from a daily practice of meditation.
It brings clarity, creativity, peace and balance

The mind is not designed to be full of stuff all of the time. In fact it
works better overall when you give it a break. Remember, Meditation is called a
practice for
a reason. You never stop practicing.

Creating Positive Energy is the working title of my next book. I am so
excited to begin this new journey of creating another book in the series of New
World Leadership.

Tip # 3 Self-Care continues,
the tips I have found to improve my meditation practice. I will also share some
of the profound benefits I have experienced from daily meditation.