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It all Perspective

When you live from the perspective that things will all work out and you see the good in every situation, you create positive energy. You create within yourself an energy frequency that is high. Now I know that some of you are skeptics, but if you really dig deep and think about it, it makes sense. Conversely, if you live from a perspective of worry you block the flow of positive energy, and in fact, create a low frequency. You invite lower frequencies right into your life. The positive energy cannot get in or be created within you.


I love the old saying “the worse it gets the worse it gets” or “the better it gets the better it gets”.  We also have fables like “bad things always happen in 3’s”.  Well, of course if you are sitting around expecting #3, it will certainly arrive.  Nothing is coincidence or happenstance. The energy we create and emit has a direct impact on our results.


Think about the person you work with who generally has low frequency negative energy. The person referred to sometimes as “Negative Nelly” or “Donald Downer”. Now, think about what they talk about the majority of the time. How much do they worry and stress; how much time do they spend talking about all of the unhappy things in their life or the “what if scenarios”? Are they scared to make a decision; or seem paralyzed by fear and worry? Is the over riding energy they emit positive or negative?  Is it a high frequency or a low frequency?  There seems to be one negative thing after another that comes into their life. When you are around them you can absolutely feel that energy and it tries to have an impact on you.


Remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE! It is absolutely a choice what energy you create and emit. You can look at every situation and say, where’s the opportunity? What am I to learn from this? Why has this come into my life? How can I move through this in a positive way? In every negative situation there is a small nugget of positive opportunity, the question is, do we chose to see it or do we wallow in the circumstances that appear to be negative. It is a choice.


What you think about matters. Move beyond the individual events in your life and make a choice to see the fabulous positive things going on around you every day. Stop watching the nightly news and then expecting to sleep. Stop hanging around those that bring you down. At work, when you need to attend what you perceive as a negative non-productive meeting, make a decision to bring lightness to the meeting and always remember “shields up”.  Each of us has the ability to protect ourselves from negative energy by imagining a white light all around us; our protective layer or shield. You simply make a choice not to allow negative energy to impact your positive energy and high frequency. When you feel yourself being affected by the negative energy (because you are an excellent observer of yourself) you stop and say “is this what I really want, how will this serve me, will this bring value into my life?”  If the answer is no, then you know what to do. Change your thoughts, and most importantly your feelings to something more positive, knowing that the negative experience will be over soon and that it doesn’t have to impact you for the rest of the day. Change any anger you have towards a person or situation to empathy, knowing that you chose to see the positive.


When we make an intentional choice to create positive energy and high frequencies people notice; people stop and realize that when everyone else is being affected negatively by something, you are not. This is fabulous. You are beginning to have organic influence simply through perspective. It is a choice!