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Making a Connection

Every time I attend an event even the ones that Change Innovators hosts I learn something new.  At the recent Wellness Weekend Geoff spoke about the importance of Connecting to our Food.  We have lost the connection to what sustains our bodies.  Many of you who know me know that I have been slowly shifting my attention from a more typical Canadian diet to one that is more compassionate and connected.   But I had not really thought of it this way until I participated in Geoff’s Workshop on the Saturday of the weekend.  He shares pictures and stories of people who are directly connected to their food. Our world seems to encourage us to disconnect from most everything. But I am hopeful that things are changing.


As a person who always sees the silver lining in everything; today was no different.  A nail in a tire the day before the day before xmas meant we were looking for a Tire place that could help us out.  On Herald Street and Government Avenue in downtown Victoria there was just the place.  We had an hour to kill so off we went looking for a place to have lunch. A small tiny hole in the wall there it was Bliss Cafe.  Talk about being connected to your food.  Raw, Vegan, Organic and WOW.  Tastes that truly woke up the palette!  Pad Tai Salad with cold Kelp noodles, kale, almond spicy sauce and tons of sprouted everything. Bob had a Nori wrap full of greatness.   We topped if off with Cranberry White Chocolate Cheese cake; hold the cheese.   All I can say is I wanted to try everything on the menu.


If one more person tells me that we need to be careful about being vegetarian because we don’t eat meat I think I might throw up.  No I won’t I will take it as an opportunity to let them know that there is more protein in 100 calories of Potato then there is in 100 calories of Steak.  As Geoff said it doesn’t matter so much what you eat but if you are connected to it. How many of us have eaten something and didn’t think about it at all or feel its impact. How does the food you eat make you feel? Of course the questions are more important than the answers so consider these questions.  Does your food mean something to you; is it intentional; do you know how it was grown or raised; is it a conscious choice; does your food choice support a sustainable environment; does it support the local farmers and small business owners. Regardless of how you connect; connecting is critical.  The moment you connect in a real way is the moment you make choses that are in alignment with your true self.


Next time when in Victoria check out Bliss Cafe on Pandora Avenue LOVED IT!


Lead yourself and the rest will follow!



Have a fabulous, warm and connected holiday season.