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Manifesting Your Desires

Sometimes we want something so bad that we think about and think about and think about.  Remember that thinking about something in a very positive way is very helpful but when it comes to manifesting your dreams you have to FEEL IT!  You can’t just think about something from a positive perspective you have to feel that it is already there; it has already manifested and is simply waiting to show up.


Now I know that some of you might think… well that all sounds nice but I have been thinking about this one thing for a very very long time and still it has not appeared.  I would challenge you to consider two very important things.


–       when you think about this one thing what is your predominant thought, is it totally and completely positive all of the time

–       and are you able to take those positive thoughts and feel really good about that one thing.


The reason I ask this is you have to be able to feel it from the inside out if you are going to manifest it. Lets say that one thing is, I want to be healthier, fit and lose weight.  You have to think about how great it is going to feel when you lose some weight and become healthier.  Stop thinking about the diet and what you have to give up and think about, and more importantly feel, what it will be like when you start to get into shape and feel healthier.


I know you ask; how can I feel this when I don’t have it.  Simple; day dream, draw pictures, journal about how great you feel, how pretty or handsome you are and how getting into shape and losing a little weight is going to be amazing. Visualize this new state of health and know that it is absolutely possible.


Take time every day to journal and visualize your new desired state and just watch what happens.  Remember to think positively, monitor your thoughts and make sure that your roommate does not intrude into your thoughts and sabotage your efforts. NO NEGATIVE TALK WHAT SO EVER and you will be on your way to manifesting your desires.   Remember Your Thoughts and Feelings are Energy.