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Living in the Moment

I write a lot about alignment and the importance of feeling good. How we feel is a key indicator of how we are doing on the inside and out. It provides an insight into whether we are heading in the right direction or the wrong direction. When something feels good, we know it is the right choice for us. This is what alignment is; it is our truth, our internal guidance system.

As I continue to experience this small community in Mexico, I reflect on the interactions of the local people. Many do not have a lot and yet they are so happy, so kind and so genuine. For example, as I go to the Mercado (big market) where you can find everything from shoes made by the person selling them to whole chicken, I experience a genuine caring and kindness. Big smiles, warm “holas” and a sense that all is good in the world.

One of the remarkable things I have also noticed is the children and their go with the flow attitude. In the 2 weeks we have been here, we have witnessed that the interaction between parent and child just seems so different. I can’t put my finger on it. No matter where I go, if a child is tired, they simply curl up under mommy’s chair or on mommy’s lap and go to sleep. At the organic market last week (which is a long day for some vendors), there were 2 or 3 children curled up under mommy’s display table. Simply no big deal!

My curiosity has led me to ask lots of questions. What makes a community so loving, so kind and so genuine? There is patience, and warmth that fills your heart. Here are some of the answers I get.

These are a people who live for today. They live in the present moment, not worrying about tomorrow as tomorrow will come and go just like today did. They want to appreciate everything they have and know that things are as they should be. They are grateful for every sale, every friendly encounter and every positive event. They do not take anything for granted, but at the same time, they do not worry about what will happen tomorrow. Family is incredibly important and they stick together, including the extended family. They work very hard each day (six days a week) and when the day is complete, they make large family meals, stay up late and connect with each other. You will sometimes see them close down the family restaurant that sits on the side of the road, only to prepare a large meal for extended family to gather and visit.

It is possible I have taken a very simple view of this and maybe I am only seeing the positive. I have been accused of doing this on occasion as I am known for living what I believe, which is “you create the world you choose to see and feel; the world mirrors back at you”. We spread kindness by being kind, we spread love by being loving, we create an environment of collaboration by being collaborative and we can create a compassionate world by being compassionate.

Maybe this is Alignment?