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Purpose Driven…Values Based Organizational Culture

Many organizations have been forced to reflect on their organizational culture, purpose and values as they navigate through these very difficult times.  While some are saying, “when things get back to normal” …others are saying, “how can we prepare for a future that is completely unknown and what are the opportunities that lie ahead”. 

In speaking with clients in Canada, USA and Europe there is a wide range of views on what the future might look like, but one thing seems to be bubbling up to the top over and over again. There is a sense that things will never be the same again and that Purpose, Values and a True Passion for what we do and why we do it is going to be at the forefront for organizations that move through Covid and well beyond. There is a sense that creating a meaningful reason for people to engage in work that is well beyond money will be critical.  Through this crisis employees, vendors and customers have experienced the best of organizational culture and the worst and everything in between. How an employer has navigated through the crisis says a lot about the organization, their values and their approach to those that have been contributing to their success.

The conversation around Purpose, Passion and Values has been near and dear to us for many years. We have seen first-hand how employees will engage in something that they believe in for an employer who actually lives each and every day from a place of clearly articulated behaviours that align with values and purpose. The word behaviour is rarely used in the workplace unless it comes up in a conversation around poor behaviour or unwanted behaviour. Rarely do employers understand and measure behaviour that is clearly aligned with purpose, and values.

There is a simple and yet highly effective way to understand this correlation.

Values…drive behaviour..

Behaviour drives culture…

Culture drives performance!

This is not a difficult concept but one that is rarely given the attention it needs and deserves. Now more than ever, we need to roll up our sleeves and get very clear about who we are and how we act, react and engage with employees, vendors, customers, and our community at large. This will become the ongoing work for companies of the future that thrive post Covid and for many years to come.