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Love and the Compassionate Culture- Kindness Part III

The courage to be kind to ourselves.

In this week video we discuss the importance of honouring ourselves, strengths and weaknesses. The courage it takes to be honest when we make an error is a sign of character and authenticity. One the one hand we say that we want people to be honest and candid with their thoughts and feelings but often this is not actually very comfortable.

When we have a digression it is important to recognize it, move through it quickly, and let it go while reflecting and  learning from it. The key is not to dwell on it and beat ourselves up.


Only a few months or year ago we may not have even recognized a behaviour within ourselves as undesirable. When you recognize this now we need to honour the place within yourself that takes ownership. Your ability  to be honest with yourself and others even when it is not easy is huge progress.  The key is to acknowledge, let go and move on with a clear intention to catch yourself earlier next time.

That’s self-care … that’s kindness to oneself.

As leaders part of your role is to make space for these reflections through great inquiry, curiosity and exploration with no judgement.  Not easy that’s for sure!