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EGO- How it might show up!

In our next video Michael discusses some of the ways in which we have experienced leaders in the workplace and how the EGO plays a role.  It might not be what you think!  As Michael continues his exploration of becoming the “Observer” of yourself  we reflect on how the EGO might display itself.

Do you have an Inner Bully or maybe you have an Inner Champion.  I suspect you might have both. As Michael discusses these topics remember that we often use extremes in order to draw our attention to an important matter. This does not mean that extremes are the usual, in fact extremes are most often the exception.  These exceptions assist us in becoming a better observer of ourselves and allows for further reflection.


One of the key challenges we all face, whether we are living with our Inner Bully or our Inner Champion is the neurochemistry that these strong positions can illicit.

Join us tomorrow for another video in this series.